99% of Afghans favor making sharia the official law of the land
Cultural evolutionary insights
Dual-use technologies in the human and social sciences
Recent remarks at the World Bank debate on the Future of Government
Interview on Many MindsListen now (89 min) | Hi Lab, I had a fun, far-reaching, free-ranging conversation about my research and research motivations with Kensy Cooperrider on…
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Human Behavior and Evolution Society (HBES) plenary with introduction by Joe Henrich
Why nothing in behavioral genetics makes sense except in the light of cultural evolution
It's not just about the free-rider problem - it's about selecting between stable equilibria
Writing is hard. Writing requires taking something that exists only in your mind and bringing another person’s mind to that same place. All the tips…
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The WEIRD people problem isn't just about geography - it's about the past and the future