My academic tech stack

The tools I use to stay on top of everything

Emails: Superhuman, Mailstrom, GMail (Google Apps)

Writing: Microsoft Word, LaTeX (for different purposes)

Cloud Storage: OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive (for different purposes)

Paper management: Zotero

Communication: Slack

Todo and productivity strategies: Year-Month-Week-Day, Getting Things Done, Deep Work, Pomodoro, Zeigarnik effect, productive procrastination, white noise, GitHub Audio, Game music

Projects: Trello, Todoist

Prioritization: AirTable, Google Analytics, and a few other things

Distributed Cognition: Joplin, Zettelkasten implemented in Obsidian

Data Analysis: R, Python, Stata (occasionally)

Version Control: Github, Gitlab

Reading devices: iPad Pro, Boox Max 3, Kindle Oasis, Audible (for different purposes)

Outsourcing: Upwork

Monitors: Laptop + 3 external displays

Mouse: MX Master 2S

COVID online lecture set up: Yeti Blue + pop filter, ring light, Streamcam, green screen

Details on these and more including writing and editing, efficient sleep, efficient relaxation, speech to text and text to speech, and more soon in the private public space.